Maintenance of the billiards

How do you keep the billiards in top condition?  

Never use an ordinary brush or brush a felt block. Divides the dirt only over the billiards .

1 use only a tool for the vacuum cleaner that the dirt on billiards your disconnect and the drains simultaneously. There are vacuum fittings with a clamp screw and there are vacuum fittings where you 4 different inserts to get delivered.
This inserts there is always one that fits perfectly on your vacuum cleaner (that is with the screw mouth not always the case).  Go to the article: vacuum cleaner nozzle, white, white with fitment, vacuum cleaner nozzle with screw connection, vacuum cleaner nozzle black.

Suction always in the longitudinal Biljarts.

If you have the tires on this way than with the tube of the cleaned, suction vacuum cleaner, so without help piece, the dirt of the table and the band.

If your Billiards is widely used then there will be on the ties of the billiards talkvet of the hands of the players. You will see over time that the tires go "Excel", with the result that they no longer issue correctly. To verify that the tyres well send you can use the scheme what you find here the accuracy check. You must point the ball 30 to 60 by the punches of point 30 and must come true at point 30 diamond. Shot the ball to the left of the Middle, such as on this sketch.
(See also reschts on top of the drawing).  For more information you can look in the book Calculated Billiards of Jean Verworst (also available with us).  Click on the picture for the large image.

there is only one way to remove the talkvet good old crops, namely with a piece of cloth. By washing the substance namely roughened. You must go to the billiards as it were, to exercise sufficient pressure on the band, then there talkvet the best.
This should also 1 times per month to happen.

It goes without saying that when the Billiards is widely used the more maintenance needs than when it is not heavily used. Make it a good habit to your billiards, every day, that it is played, also to clean (vacuuming with the vacuum cleaner attachment). Make no habit of crayons to your cue and place it above the billiard chalk with never the chalk down on the billiards edge. A billiards what well cared for is also gives more children's pleasure. The users will thank you.
in addition to the above instructions we advise the temperature in the room for manoeuvre as far as possible to keep the temperature constant and not below 15 degrees. Slate is a porous material that include moisture when the ambient temperature is decreasing. Once the ambient temperature rises will be issued in the cloth included moisture what the play delayed., this is it better to the temperature a few degrees higher than ambient temperature”